Friday, April 16, 2010

Life: walks of Happiness

Life is so unsure. A glimpsed of an eye can even kill you in a second. Never realizing what will be next. Life is really full of surprises. And it can even changed the wheel of your fortune. No one knows what will be your future. No one can foreseen it. Thoughts can be made but actions are necessary. Life is so adventurous. One decision can fall to mistakes or the other way around. Life is sometimes boring but if you put some twists on it, It makes it more colorful.

Life can deal with a lot of extra emotions: Examples are love, happiness, lust and a lot more.

Focusing on Happiness, people across the globe wants to be happy. Even fairy tales lead to happy ever after. Happiness is a tool to a healthy living. Smile of course is incorporated to it. Smile can heal a destructive heart.

Life is full of Happiness. Endure it. Happiness is an anti-aging tool. Old folks tend to look even younger if they're happy. So be happy most of the time.

Happiness is the key to success.

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