Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sciphones - China Phones

China had become the major distributor of different clone phones. Those phones are cheap but the quality is undeniably not the same with the original. Some can last long but some can easily be broken.

China releases clones of nokia, iphone, sony ericson and a lot more. They also had TV phones where you can watch air channels over the phone. Nice though but not realizing what the radiation of the large screen can produce.

Some of these phones are convenient to used though. I tried using Nokia 95+. It doesn't have wi-fi capability but it has a built in radio and television software.Moreover, it also has a camera and touchscreen capability.

This is an example picture of the Nokia 95+ clone (It really looks similar to my phone):

Though it has a lot of features but this phone is fragile. Once you reset the phone, the video cam coder will no longer work. Avoid in dropping it. The screen might easily crack.

I also had an iphone clone. It has a dual-sim capability. It doesn't have a wi-fi but there are a lot of features that you can used. It has a camera, a video recorder and it's java enabled.

This is an iphone clone picture:

I prefer you buy the original. Original phones function well. It can be repaired easily not like china phones. So, before picking up. Try to decide the correct phone you want to purchase and use.

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