Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Belated Happy Mother's Day

Every mother knows what's best for their children. They molded and guided their children accordingly as plan. They just want us to become a better individual someday. They showed proper etiquette and good behavior which we can pass throughout generations.

Every person only has a single mother. A mother who cares and deliver you to become an individual in this universe.

Moreover, a mother's love to her children is unmeasurable. She sacrifices herself for her family. In deed a mother's job is not easy.

Like my mother. She loves us so much. She cared about us and she thought us to have good manners all the time.

Despite all this, my mother had a cancer for almost 4 years now. We just thought that she was a survivor but we're wrong. The cancer recurred. It further develops inside her body. She can no longer be operated. She also doesn't want to undergo chemotherapy for she said once that her body could no longer resist that type of medication.

She just wish to have a longer life. Only God can provide that and wishing that he might give us a little miracle. We always pray for her recovery.

Nonetheless, my mom is always brought to the hospital.Every month she needs a blood transfusion. I'm really worried about my mom and cried for her. I can't imagine seeing my mom with such terrible illness.

This is a picture of what my mom looks like after the illness recurred:

I really love my mom. Her birthday is fast approaching. This is one of the ways that I can show my love.

This video is dedicated to my ever loving mother. Belated happy mother's day and Advance happy birthday! I love you ma.

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carl72086 said...

Hi I was really touched by this blog! Hope your mom will get well soon.